El Carnaval de Gualeguaychu

This time last year, instead of walking home from work in the chilly Chicago rain, I was gleefully guzzling some potent punchy drink from a pineapple as half naked Argentines shimmed and shimmered in front of me.

Last February, I ventured down to Argentina for the first time to visit my friend Eric. On my trip itinerary was a weekend trip to Gualeguaychu, which Eric explained as the Carnivale mecca for Argentina. And a place that proved worth the trip.

Long story short, we went to the bus station, saw a bus get hijacked, I panicked and then was crammed into a bus for three hours. My panic only increased when we unboarded. What I had expected to be a small, quaint town was merely a cornfield. Carnivale in a cornfield? You had to be kidding me.

The only thing in sight were rows of metal bleachers sandwiching a long runway, kinda of reminiscent of a high school football game. Not really what I expected for Carnivale. But then the crowd starting singing “Guuuuualeeeeeguaychu” and the show began…




Sitting in Chicago on this rainy day, what I wouldn’t give to be back in Guaaaaaleeguuaychu!

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