Packing Tips part 1

Here are a few packing tips that I have learned along the way…Part 1

Having all your luggage with you gives you flexibility and ensures that your luggage doesn’t get lost.  If I have a 4 day trip, I carry on.  If I am going to be in a different hotel each night for a week, I carry on.  Remember that hotels have laundry services, so if needed you can minimize what you bring along in the first place.

I pack my clothes as I would get dressed.  (1st)Underwear, (2nd) Pants, (3rd)Shirts, (4th)Socks.  That way I don’t miss any of the essentials.  Whoops I forgot my belt.

Some people like to roll everything rather than fold, I mix it up a little.  I always roll my underwear, athletic gear and t-shirts.  I fold pants, polos, shirts and blazers(a video on how to pack a suit on its way).  Socks I use for stuffing and padding.

I have been using packing cubes for the past year and I really like them.  The keep my clothes sorted and allow me to quickly remove chunks of my luggage so I can get to the bottom without making a mess.  There are plenty of options for packing cubes out there.  I use Rick Steve’s Packing cubes which I bought on Amazon–Black/dp/B000PWIQHW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1342466837&sr=8-1&keywords=rick+steves+packing+cubes

Ever notice how you have less room in your suitcase on the way home?  Yes you probably bought some stuff but most times it is because the dirty laundry bag is stuffed and bulging.

I know it sounds silly but I refold my dirty laundry when I put it into my laundry bag, it keeps it in the same size as when I packed it, giving me all that space I had when I efficiently packed my bag in the first place.


Do you have any packing tips?  Leave us a comment.

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  1. Really good advice. I’ve never tried packing cubes, but might give them a go now! If you are really game you should try going one carry on bag regardless of the length of your trip – if you pack carefully you can pack for any trip length. There are plenty of posts on WordPress about one bag packing, including lists (my own blog included, but do look at others’ as well)

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Good One Bag packing info. It really is amazing how much can fit into a carry on luggage. I still check now and then, but it has left me without clothes for a few days when the bag doesent arrive.

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