Skip lines at customes and and airport security.

There are 2 programs out there that will make your life at the airport much easier.

Global Entry (Get through US customs without waiting in lines)

I have been a Global Entry member for the past year and a half.  It is a spectacular program which, once you have been approved, lets you use an automated machine that scans your passport, takes your fingerprints and photo, and lets you fill out that pesky arrival card on a touch screen.

The best part about this is zipping through the whole process while trying to catch a connection or after you arrive home from a long flight.

The sign up process is fairly involved with a good amount of paperwork and an in person interview with an agent.  There is a $100 fee, which some frequent flyer programs or credit card programs will cover for you.  The registration lasts 5 years.

Visit to get signed up.
TSA Pre (Get through security with your shoes on)

I had signed up for this program a while back but just experienced it for the first time last week.  The TSA person scanned my ticket before I entered the general line and directed me to a new line I had never seen before which had a “TSA Pre(check)” sign next to it.  I walked right up to the security conveyor belt and a TSA person instructed me to leave my laptop and liquids in my luggage, keep my shoes and belt on and just empty my pockets.  I was done in under 2 min.  It was AWESOME!

This program goes hand in hand with Global Entry so I would sign up for both.

Visit here for more info

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