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Chipmunk the Rapper (not to be confused with Alvin, Simon and Theodore)

A lot of great music crosses over the pond from the UK to the US, but there are still some spectacular artists who are relatively unknown to us Americans.  Rapper CHIPMUNK , not to be confused with the high-pitched trio of animated ground squirrels, is one of those artists.

Chipmunk, aka Chip, is an English hip hop artist from Tottenham, North London (same as Adele).  I came across his music while I was in London last year(2011) back in April.  He was just coming off the success of his first album “I Am Chipmunk,” which had hits like “Diamond Rings” & “Oopsey Daisey,” and was dropping his new album “Transition.”

The first track I heard was “Champion” featuring Chris Brown.  

I liked his style and picked up both albums while I was in town.  “I am Chipmunk” has some strong tracks but I really like “Transition”

After track one this album takes off with 3 awesome songs right in a row.  “Follow my Lead,” “Flying High,” then “Champion” (See above video).  It then sprinkles a few poppy songs, which are not my favorite, amongst decent hits like “Every Gyal” and “In the Air feat. Keri Hilson”

I love the way his takes his clever lyrics and smooth flow, puts it to a catchy beat with a hook, and then hits you with an R&B/Pop/Still a Hip Hip Song chorus which keeps you hitting repeat once the track ends.  This kid’s got talent.  Now we just need him to hit the states.

Unfortunately iTunes and Amazon MP3 in the US don’t offer much of his music for sale, so you will have to find it on a sharing site, or spotify or do it the old fashion way and pick up and import CD.

Either way I suggest checking out his music.

Let me know if you have any questions via “comments”



Fake Flushing Noise? How about just a hands free one?


And now, to venture where we all go each day but rarely talk about: the bathroom.  “Sample the Culture” travelers have seen water closets of all kinds: hole in the ground (Vietnam), bidets (Turkey and all over Europe), musical/robotic toilets…Pictured below in Japan actually had a button to play a “fake” flushing noise.  What?!?

But the one that seems most functional above all others is simply: that which has a foot pedal to flush.  Within the domestic United States, I’ve encountered this sanitary, ingenious version in San Diego, California.  It’d be great if we can couple that with Chicago O’Hare Airport’s pre-lined, auto-changing seat covers.

Lastly, for bathroom engineers, as we exit the loo, if you don’t have a door to push open, then at least give us a garbage can to throw out the paper towel!

Anthony Bourdain Comic Book – Get Jiro

Being that the Chicago Comic Con was this past weekend, this week’s blog is about comics. Well one comic to be specific.  Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain’s GET JIRO!

“Get Jiro” is a graphic(in more ways than one) novel co-written by none other than Travel Channel star Anthon Bourdain.  It’s a futuristic tale of a semi post apocalyptic world where Chefs rule like gangsters and cities are divided into income rings.

Our boy Jiro has to deal with two main Chef clans.  It is ridiculously funny the way the comic portrays it’s sterotypical characters.  The vegan/organic clan drives a hippy VW bus and feed the people they murder to the pigs(as a way of recycling).   It doesn’t lack any of the “ultra violence” either, as you can see below with Jiro’s reaction when asked to serve a california roll.

Overall its a fun and outrageous read, not suitable for children.  You can tell that Bourdain not only wants to entertain but also educate in the way of the food culture.  Characters are beheaded for eating sushi rice first and there are dishes such as “elvers” and “ortolan” that I went and googled after reading.

You can pick up Anthony Bourdain’s comic on Amazon for under $15.  It’s well worth a read, check it out!

Poop Coffee!?! Yes Kopi Luwak aka Civet Coffee is made from just that, and its good!

Kopi luwak is one of the most interesting and expensive coffees in the world. Here is our monthly video on the delicious drink.