Fake Flushing Noise? How about just a hands free one?


And now, to venture where we all go each day but rarely talk about: the bathroom.  “Sample the Culture” travelers have seen water closets of all kinds: hole in the ground (Vietnam), bidets (Turkey and all over Europe), musical/robotic toilets…Pictured below in Japan actually had a button to play a “fake” flushing noise.  What?!?

But the one that seems most functional above all others is simply: that which has a foot pedal to flush.  Within the domestic United States, I’ve encountered this sanitary, ingenious version in San Diego, California.  It’d be great if we can couple that with Chicago O’Hare Airport’s pre-lined, auto-changing seat covers.

Lastly, for bathroom engineers, as we exit the loo, if you don’t have a door to push open, then at least give us a garbage can to throw out the paper towel!

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