Dutch “King’s Song” (aka “Koningslied”) Throws the W in the Air.

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The “King’s Song,” which was written for an inauguration of the new king on The Netherlands(aka Holland) Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, has not been very well received by the Dutch.

The song, written by British-born songwriter John Ewbank, was planned to be performed at a concert in the Ahoy in Rotterdam in the evening of April 30 and broadcast to the new king live by video link ahead of the boat parade.  It had a petition calling for the song to be stopped (Click here to see the petition) signed by 40,000+ people.

John Ewbank got hammered on twitter (@johnewbanknl) and finally he admitted defeat, stating he was withdrawing the song from the ceremony.
He tweeted “After having to block yet another insult on my Twitter account, I am now totally done”

Here is the song on YouTube… jump to 1:56 and check the rap in the middle. 

Some of the lyrics include ‘I build a dyke with my bare hands and keep the water away’ and ‘through wind and rain I’ll stand beside you… I’ll keep you safe as long as I live’.

The W flashing starts at 3:03, but it’s is not for ‘Westsiiiiide’ its for ‘Willem’

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