Ze Germans make a statment in World Football (Soccer)

German dethron

Borussia Dortmund beat out Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid and Bayern Munich destroyed the all powerful Barcelona(7-0 Agg).  Both of these German teams will play this Saturday in the UEFA Champions League Final.  Spain has been officially dethroned.


For those of you who are not familiar, the UEFA Champions League Final is basically the Super Bowl in the world of soccer.  Over the year this is a tournament where the best teams in Europe (who qualified the year prior by either placing in the top of their league, or winning the tournament, i.e. Chelsea) play a group stage followed by 2 leg head to head matches.

This will be the first time two german teams have met in the final and it should be a “cracking match!”

Now here is a little added drama……Borussia Dortmund star midfielder, Mario Gotze, has already agreed to a 37 million euro transfer move to Bayern Munich which will happen at the end of the season, aka this game.

Needless to say some Borussia Dortmund fans are not happy.


Regardless, it doesnt matter because Mario conveniently picked up a hamstring injury which will keep him from playing the game…right.

Bayern are the favorites and have the hunger being that they lost the final last year in their home stadium.

The game will be on Fox Soccer Channel this Sat May 26 on delay at 7:00pm.  The live coverage( Sat May 25th 1:45 Central Time) is only available online via the Fox Soccer package.

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