Winter in Chicago = DIBS ( Chicago Dibs Explained )

Winter in Chicago = SNOW

SNOW = People need to shovel out parking spaces.

DIBS =  “I put in the effort to shovel out this parking spot, it’s mine now! See how I reserve it with crappy furniture. Muhahahah”
Chicago Dibs
There is a strange phenomenon in Chicago during the winter which brings us back to our days as a child.  When there is a big(or decent size) snow, residents will shovel out parking spaces and then call “dibs,” which as an unspoken rule entitles them to this parking spot for the next couple of days or until the big snow melts, whichever comes first.

chicago dibs

The most important part of the tradition is the reserving of the shoveled parking spots by blocking it with old furniture, garbage cans, brooms, or other misc trash and trinkets.  To an outsider it look as though the neighborhood has gone to heck, but to the local residents we see a lawn chair with a wood plank and say, “hey nice job shoveling that spot.”


The calling of Dibs is acceptable for the first few days of a big snow, but if the snow starts to melt or it’s been a week, the dibs is voided and the dibser then simply becomes a jerk.  Shoveling a spot and getting it for a day or two is ok, but trying to take advantage of the situation and claim a private spot is not cool.

Check the Chicago Dibs site for more fun photos and info on the wonderful tradition.

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