Crazy MMA Team Fighting in Poland (Team Fighting Championships or TFC)

MMA has come a long way since the Royce Gracie UFC 1 days.  If you have never seen some of the originals, they were a bit crazy.

Well, Poland decided to take it up a notch and make this into a team sport.

Not a tag team event.  Not one where you total up individual fights.  No, that would be too tame. What the people want is something with more violence, more chaos.

Introducing PTFC, or Poland’s Team Fighting Championships. Teams of 5 v 5 battle it out in a huge ring and just go to town on each other. Once a fighter taps out and teams are uneven, the fighters then gang up on a guy, as you will see near the end of the fight. It is just madness.


Maybe there is a real future for this, but it just look’s insane to me. Not a fan.


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