Burger King Black Burger in Japan

This isn’t the first black burger from Burger King.  They released one as a “Darth Vader Burger” to promote Star Wars in the past.  However, this time the black cheese is what really makes it so visually striking.BK Black Burger

BK used squid ink and bamboo charcoal to achieve the black color of the bun, cheese and sauce.

BK black cheese

There are two black burgers that will be available.  The KURO Pearl (whopper, black pepper on a black bun, black sauce, & black cheese) for $4.49 & The KURO Diamond (the same just with lettuce, tomato and white mayo) for $6.49.

BK Black Burget Japan

So far the burger has yet to be released, but it’s generating quite a buzz online.  Starting next week the burgers go on sale in Japan and will be available through November.  Will this hype turn into Apple lines at BK in Japan?  We will see.

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  1. I saw this in the Tribune today. I don’t think I would even try it. Presentation is an important part of the whole food experience and this looks bad.

    Tom Hodge

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