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Bellroy Travel Wallet Review

Review of a Bellroy Wallet designed to hold your passport.



New video where David takes Adam and Sr to his favorite local tea shop for tea tasting.

Poop Coffee!?! Yes Kopi Luwak aka Civet Coffee is made from just that, and its good!

Kopi luwak is one of the most interesting and expensive coffees in the world. Here is our monthly video on the delicious drink.

Funny Signs, English Translations, and No Signs

Have you ever been in a taxi in bangkok and see this no sign?  Our video will explain!

Funny signs, no signs, engrish, lost in translation….we take a look at some signs in asia and the no sign stickers on bangkok taxis.

Hagia Sophia in Instanbul

3rd installment of the Sample the Culture Istanbul episodes- Adam gets woken up by the ‘Call to prayer’ in Istanbul and visits the Hagia Sophia.

Basilica Cistern in Istanbul

Second Episode for the Istanbul Series

Our Website and a New Video

Our Sample the Culture website has launched.


When you visit the site you will also notice that we have added the first episode to the new Istanbul series.

More to come so keep checking back.