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VW Volkswagen Shocking Hong Kong Movie Theater Ad

VW Volkswagen put together a great stunt at a Hong Kong Movie Theater.

Watch the short 1 min 22 second to see what happens.

It is a great message.


Bellroy Travel Wallet Review

Review of a Bellroy Wallet designed to hold your passport.

Getting Down with the Silent Dance

Last Friday night, thousands of Londoners gathered at Liverpool Street Station to partake in a silent disco. The event was started on Facebook by a 22-year-old who goes by Crazzy Eve…and this guy definitely knows how to do crazy. Thousands of people flocked to the station last weekend armed with iPods. At exactly 7pm, everyone switched them on and got down. The event was such a success, that another one is planned for Trafalgar Square on Friday. Just a small reminder of how music can bring people together – even if you can’t hear it.¬†

Watch Me Dance!

I’ve loved Yelle ever since I stumbled across an article about her in the RedEye and immediatley downloaded her album. However, I just recently stumbled across this video on YouTube. Yes, I know it’s a bit old, but us Americans are a bit slow to the international music scene. ūüôā

Anyway, you gotta watch this, and then break it down Yelle Frenchman style this weekend: