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Lost Luggage? Nifty gadget lets you track your bag via your smartphone

baggage-claim 1You finally land at your destination after making the tight connection. You exit the plane and move with the crowd towards the baggage claim area.  After a few minutes the buzzer sounds and the carousel begins to move.  You patiently wait for your bag as you watch the other passengers from your flight collect their bags.  You wait, and wait, and then come to the realization that your luggage has not made it.

This happens to me at least 2-3 times a year.  Don’t kid yourself those “priority” tags and airline status like 1K only go so far, they will still misplace your luggage.

Even after working with customer support, the exact location of your luggage and when it will arrive is uncertain.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a gadget that would allow you to track your bag say via your phone.



Pack this little box in your luggage and it will alert you to its location via your smartphone and let you track it online.  Using cellular networks Trackdot determines its city location, anywhere in the world.  It goes into sleep mode while it is in the air and then sends you a text or email when it is back on the ground.

The app also lets you know when you are within 30 feet of it.

The device costs $49.99 + and activation fee $8.99 + yearly subscription $12.99.  So to get started its going to cost you a little over $70 and then you are good for a year.  The question here is, why do I need to spend $70 to know where my bag is?  Its the airline’s responsibility and they will reimburse me for items you need to buy when my luggage is delayed.

I once had my bag tagged incorrectly.  I flew to Hong Kong and my bag ended up in Ohio under someone else’s name.  I spent well over $70 in phone calls working with the airline desk and was lucky I get the bag back in 3 days.  Im  not sure this device would have helped my bag arrive but it would have pinpointed it’s location faster.

That said, its a fun idea, but I’m still undecided on picking one of these up.  WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT TRACKDOT?

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