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While we are on the subject of the French…

……we picked up an album of the French rapper named Sinik. It is spectacular, high tempo electronic beats and aggressive vocals.   Below is a youtube link for my favorite song “1 milliards d’euros”

The great thing about hip hop and rap is that the vocals are part of the instruments and the way the words are delivered is as, if not more important than the lyrics themselves.  This is why I love listening to hip hop and rap in other languages, you can still feel the entire song and have no idea what the rapper is talking about.

I heard the words “Jay Z” and later on something about “Beckham” …..I think.


Watch Me Dance!

I’ve loved Yelle ever since I stumbled across an article about her in the RedEye and immediatley downloaded her album. However, I just recently stumbled across this video on YouTube. Yes, I know it’s a bit old, but us Americans are a bit slow to the international music scene. 🙂

Anyway, you gotta watch this, and then break it down Yelle Frenchman style this weekend: