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New video where David takes Adam and Sr to his favorite local tea shop for tea tasting.


The Harlem Shake the new Gangnam Style

When it comes to songs-you-record-yourself-dancing-to-and-post-on-youtube, “Gangnam Style” bumped “Call me Maybe” and now “Harlem Shake” is taking over.

Go to YouTube and search for Harlem Shake and you will find plenty of video versions, some are funnier than others.  This one from KSLA news is by far my favorite out there.  Take a look.

Way to embrace the viral video age.



Whats funny about this whole Harlem Shake sensation is that the below video is the one that really got the whole thing going…and it’s not all that awesome.

How to Fight Air Sickness and Nausea on a Long Flight

Air Sickness is a combination of motion sickness and altitude sickness.  I have done plenty of research on remedies and found some of my own measures that help. Below are the key items and actions which will help keep you feeling good as you are cooped up in a plane for 10+ hours.

Air planes are incredibly dry and dehydration can be the main cause to headaches, nausea and general air sickness.

  • COCONUT WATER is hands down the best drink to bring on a plane. Brands such as VitaCoco, ONE or Zico can be found in most airport newsstands. The hydrate better than sport drinks and electrolyte enhanced water.
  • Never pass on water when offered by the crew.
  • Avoid alcohol, this can add to the dehydration.
  • Limit your caffeine intake.

This is a trick I learned when sailing. If you snack on bland crackers (like oyster crackers, saltines, water crackers) and pretzels, it keeps your stomach settled. If you hit a lounge beforehand stock up on their crackers.

Lack of sleep will add to that air sickness feeling. Try to relax. Sleep is your friend.

    •  Get a neck pillow, put in earplugs, strap on a sleeping mask and take deep breaths
    • Dramamine, and PM meds can help with this too
    • Try herbal relaxers like Valerian Root…this is great stuff, even helps with adjusting to time zones.

***BONUS TIP: Adam’s Dehydration Magic Potion Recipe***
If you still feel sick after landing, or after a long night, try these below steps.

In a blender mix up (or omit banana and mix in a glass)
1. Half a can of Coke Zero (Must be coke, not pepsi or Shasta or RC etc.)
2. About 8oz straight Coconut Water
3. One dose of liquid pepto bismol
4. 1 banana

Use this drink to swallow 2 Excedrin Migraine tablets

You will start feeling better in about 30 minutes.